India ,celebrating its 62nd Republic Day,making us proud how strong ,how invariant our nation India is!!
Every year new advancements,developments may be in technologies ,infrastructure or in relations ,there is drastic upsurge seen from all parts of India.

But still something is missing,the upcoming generation is not in the mood to grasp the indian culture,a best amoung the whole world but are running towards the attractive one.

Just today i.e 26 January 2011,when i was checking my facebook account..i saw many of the people have wished for happy Independence Day…i don’t know what was that…was it a mistake or they just forget about it,nor i wanna to point out someone by saying so but i think still something is marking its absence.People have no any interest in whats going on in nations belief.They have no interest in political affairs and for them the old Indian culture is very one just wanna be engaged to that.

Yes i believe that being cool and jolly is the need of today’s lifestyle but it doesn’t claims you to sacrifice your culture for it.May be our livelihood have been a slave of the modern living and western culture but then too it is a unique among the whole world.

May people believe that the changing fashions,lifestyles are the results of the western mix up in our culture or we can say the overpowering nature of it.But i believe the culture should stay in our mind that’s only the need of time ,it should flow in our blood ,in our heart.

Ya there is something that is missing may be thats culture ,our beliefs and all that which are the gifts of our ancestors but the need is to fill that gap before its too late.