Below is the list of microcontroller based major projects,futher they can be modified too for further enhancement:
1. Artificial intelligent solar power generation

2. A testing method for PIR detectors system

3. A mobile – agent based distributed intelligent control system architecture for
home automation

4. A multi agent multi sensor based security system for intelligent building

5. Industrial energy saver

6. A novel optimum point tracker of the solar cell power supply system

7. Train collision detection

8. Humidity monitoring and pumping system

9. Alcohol detection with vehicle controlling

10. Automated restaurant for efficient maintenance

11. RF based human movement monitoring

12. Smoke alert system for industries

13. Intelligent guard alert system

14. Auto-image monitoring using CCTV camera

15. Path planning system for blind

16. Digital energy meter with auto limiting of load

17. Intelligent fire detection and fighting robot

18. Temperature level monitoring and automatic control in boiler

19. Self guided vehicle

20. Automated conveyor system

21. Modern car parking system

22. Ozone gas generator for water purifier

23. Aeronautical collision prevention system

24. Automated bus-stop alert for passengers

25. Bus identification system for blind

26. Eye blink with more explanation

27. Wireless motor control system

28. Chopper based dc motor controller

29. PWM based solar tracking system with sine wave inverter

30. PWM based single phase ac induction motor with close loop controller

31. PWM based three phase ac induction motor with close loop controller

32. Single axis solar panel tracking system

33. Double axis solar panel tracking system

34. Solar based lighting system

35. Solar agro sprayer

36. Coil winding machine

For further information over any project,write us here,soon we will try to update over it.