Many times i hear from friends that they face problems while downgrading from windows 7 to xp in Sony VAIO laptops,and many times they remains in deliema whether it will be fine to downgrade from a higher version to lower version of operating system.

But what i realised is that the problem is just a panic case,it is nothing like that.Sony VAIO laptops can be downgraded from a higher version to lower version ,just the problem is that of drivers of xp.

For that you need to download the “”downgrade drivers of xp””of your specific model which are easily available on the site but the thing that to be kept in mind is that  these are not the simple xp drivers but the drivers designed specially for the downgrade process and without them you cant let your OS work successfully.

Well please leave your comments if you think the information is useful or in case you are facing any such problem.