1.Remote access to other computer

2.Create a bootable pen-drive


Today i want to share one of the awesome trick which can be used to create a backdoor into someone’s computer,so that you can use it for further accessing the system,making a new account without knowing the password,wheather he/she may change it hundreds of time… the trick is: may be knowing that when you press shift key for 8 times a stuff like sticky key appears on your screen.But the thing is that it act as a shortcut which executes the sethc.exe named file that is stored in system32 folder in windows.

2.also we know that through cmd we can access everything,so if we get the command window on login screen we can fulfill what we want which is also the cmd.exe file stored in system32 folder. the thing we have to do is simply rename the sethc.exe file into cmd .exe and cmd.exe to sethc .exe on login screen when you will press shift key 8 times you will get your cmd window there…and here is the full control over the system….!!!

So hows the trick…cool na….!!!!