There is always a question in my mind whenever the thing is to choose a mobile network that wheather i take the gsm or the cdma?

But the real question is what the difference is,which one is prior??

So i just wanna enlighten some common but unnoticeable points regarding both by this article:

1.CDMA is much secured as compared to GSM as it uses code multeplexing.

2.CDMA sets uses much power than the gsm sets and this got a increase when we leave the home region,and it is due to the same code multeplexing.

3.GSm can be tapped but not the CDMA.

4.By the use of JAMMERS gsm networks can be jammed in a locality but it doesnt works on cdma.

5.CDMA is faster than GSM in data transfer,but both services are growing or we should say developing to overleap each other.

6.CDMA uses  R-UIM cards which are only compatible to their handsets while in GSM it uses SIM cards thus providing a variedness.

Well all these were just a tech difference between the two , its upon you what you choose….enjoy!!