Many times we come across the situation when we don’t have a pen drive or any data traveler device to transfer the data between the two computers.

Then we have only an option of bluetooth ,but as data speed is very slow we can try try for an other option through wireless network.

We can get a  data transfer speed of 600 kb/s to 1 mb/s through an adhoc i.e. computer to computer network.

The following are some simple steps how can we do that:

1.Create a adhoc network and let other computer to connect through it.

2.Now give the ips to both the computers,remember to give same class ips to both the computers.

3.Then go to run and type \\ip of other computer , then press enter.

4.Enter the username and password if enabled on that computer.

5.You will get an window open with the files shared on that client computer,now You can easily share the data by just making it


Write us if you get any problem during the same and don’t forget to share it.Enjoy!!!