so many peoples around,

i feel intimated.

so many losers around,

i feel lost.

so many beauty around,

i feel deprived.

so many dreams around,

and i am waiting for an inception.

it seems like life is running from me,

or i am running towards life

or we both are running towards each other.

whatever it may be??

life is demanding or my demands are whispering in my life..i am really facing a dilemma

i am waiting for a miracle or the miracle is just my mirage,

is i am real or the matrix is making me virtual,

whatever it may be??

so may thorns around

i feel hurtled.

so many opportunities around

i feel suffocated.

so many wonders around

i feel blessed.

life is claiming me or claims are made to be claimed

life is ignoring me or i am just consoling me i am busy..

whatever it may be??

life reminds me as if i am racing

where breathe is my curse….

slopes are my greets,

ah!!am not made to run..i am not a racer.

i was just choosed to be a part.

is am so worth to be as i am one from the chorus singers…

whatever it may be??

i have questioned may times..

about my existence

why i am here..??

it seems life is like a puff of smoke,

no one knows from where it came and where will it go…

but thats the life and we are just the characters

we know our part,we know our duty…

and we play to win the part…

without questioning whats our role…

and just a thing in our mind we are enjoying life..WHATEVER IT MAY BE??