Well today writing this post to share my recent encounter with a great speaker

that is Mr. Tapas Dashmohapatra, a speaker of  more than 2000 seminars and meets over the life science topics like self deception and much more in his very own way.

It was his inspiring words and his technique to present them which force me to write about him and what i gained i think it will be great if i share all or a part of it.

His most focused topic was the self deception , examples were like awesome and was really interesting to hear as all were from  the common life from every aspect may it be the common home scenario or the office the friendly environs or anything it was from every part.

Well let me share one of the most inspiring and interesting incidence told my Mr. Tapas , he told how he was giving a same speech few weeks back and while he was on stage with a varied of audience in front including the business personalities , people from all age. Just in between his speech he just taken out a 500 rs note and ask anyone to come and take that note and he insured the one who will come will be the owner of that… everyone was just staring at him..as if n0 one was interested , they were staring each others face as if they are in exam hall and paper is very tough.He called out again but no one came. After a last call out he saw a 18 years young , fully enthusiastic  boy

running towards the stage he just came taken that note..he was the winner,everyone just clapped an

d he was given the note. But the interesting part came then when Mr. tapas started asking the thoughts from the different audience about the incidence…he started with the person sitting in front row “you w


s in front then why didn’t you taken the money”..and the answer was “i thought why will u

give me that money just like that”…

Then he asked another one and he got the answer “oh!! i am a business man i didn’t need your money i have much of mine”…and the other one said “well i was just about to come but then saw a child running ..ah!! and  i dropped the idea” and at last he asked that boy, yes the winner and he was quite satisfied with his answer he got that was ” i thought lets try if u will give me that money then it will be ok and if you denied then also ok…surely i wont lose anything while i will go there” well thats called the positive thinking.

After the incidence everyone was just giggling and laughing but the truth was this small incidence was covered with a lot mean in itself.

There were a lot other incidences too really enjoyed the whole program and the best part was that i meet him personally after the show.really hats off to the man, he really did a great job.