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Have you thought about something, turned your head and SNAP, your mind just goes blank at the next instant. If this sounds familiar to you, then “Moonwalking with Einstein” will bring you new insights about your internal memory.

Written by science and tech journalist Joshua Foer, this book extensively discusses about the art and science of remembering.

Warning: This is not a self-help book and will not instruct you to improve your memory. Rather, this book should be treated as an intriguing piece of investigative journalistic work, where history, research, interviews and Foer’s personal experiences get mashed up in its narrative.

Initially assigned to cover memory competitions, Foer grew increasingly fascinated after hearing repeatedly from numerous memory champions that anyone could boost their memory.

“It’s all about technique and understanding how the memory works,” Ben Pridmore, a World Memory Champion said in a newspaper interview. “Anyone could do it…

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