Sufian's Diary

dollarThese days unemployment has increased on an alarming rate. Many educated people are jobless due to the financial instability through out the world. In search of jobs these jobless people come to know about easy, home based online earning jobs like data entry, web surfing, article writing, ad posting etc. At first these jobs seems very attractive and people start dreaming of earning 200$300$ a month by just doing part time home based assignments.

Fake online earningOnline Jobs are increasing day by day and it seems like everyone is creating his own company and has started making people fool. You might also have purchased package from any of those companies, worked day and night, submitted your first assignment and then you got balance shown in your online account. You became very happy and started working continuously.

ScammedBut your later submitted assignments were either rejected or were very heavily underpaid. REASON…

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