Well i don’t know exactly what was the date,but the day was very beautiful.Sun was on his laughter and was trying to tease me in my eyes.I was again packing my stuffs and begin to move for the thing i always to be proud of..ya that’s obviously the thing that makes me prior in front of my other friends…hmmmm wanna know…ahem ahem..that’s the royal engineering,i know what u wanna say…thank you for that.

Hey so i was about to reach..ya ya to my college.But other than all ,with everything in my mind,there was something which was the most lovable for me…and i don’t think you need the specifications as you all guys must have yours…..!!!!!
Yes that was my first love….she was very beautiful,very slim and trim,very attractive and what all I can say…she was gorgeous.All of my friends used to pray that they also have such a luck to find the same among a lot in the crowd.
I always believe her,trust her…and i love her soooo much.But the fate was not in my hand….and the day come which was totally unexpected,unbelievable…!!!!!

There happens an incident which sometimes shivers me….which can make anyone unconscious and which stabbed me on my heart.Yes you are right friends it was end of our love but not becoz we want but i think it was the fate.and u wanna know how it happened….hmmmmmm….ok.then listen…

It was just a simple day.Sun was on its peak….and environment was very pleasant…we both were on the road,i was just holding her very close to my heart,and was feeling the best hours of my life…but at a sudden everything got changed.The scenario changed suddenly and it started raining….i was totally shocked,and at that time the thing that was rolling in my mind was her safety…but no, god was planning anything else in his mind.
Situation just gone from bad to worse…it started flooding…water was all over…we both were holding each other and i was praying god to please keep her safe.

And the next moment…the moment which changed my whole life,the most cruel moment of my life..yes which made us separate forever was on his upsurge.

Suddenly i found she was not with me..i was totally scared…i was cursing myself..”How can i be so irresponsible??”..but the next moment i saw something…ya that was her..i tried to catch..but water flow was enormous.I was helpless,i was just crying..no one was there to help me…i saw her the last time..i don’t know what happen to her then but i was totally disappointed.

All my friends consoled me…but i was shocked.I just remembered her…but soon my days come back…one of friend understand my pain and he give me what i want…YES HE BOUGHT FOR ME A BRAND NEW PARKER PEN….I got her again my parker pen…i got her again…thank you god you gave me my LOVE again!!!!!

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