An engineer ,who says are just born to design , create and just sacrifice their life in mugging , coming into focus in a just a bit span of time Mr. Ajit Singh Tanwar from Khetri Nagar,rajasthan a  graduate engineer from Jaipur , Rajasthan have proved it wrong. His breathtaking performances on the stage of India’s Got Talent are like he is born to dance and the phrase BORN FROM THE BOOM BOX will be the best to define him.

For dancer Ajit who is a Rajput from Rajasthan, dancing wasn’t an option initially.  After begging and pleading with his father, he got a new lease of life with India’s Got Talent auditions where he made it to the semi finals. Known for his brain popping style that involves body isolations with unimaginable twists and turns, he left the jury absolutely wowed.

Coming out of a web this week, Ajit was Spider personified and in Karan’s words, though it was a fantastic act, he looked like a ‘talli spider’. Farah, on he contrary, couldn’t get over his body’s flexibility and advised him to never buy a flight ticket. All he needs to do is fold himself into a bag and go for it!

What was also special was the fact that his father, after seeing his success on the show, has accepted him as a dancer and has told him that he was born to dance. Soon, we guess we will hear Ajit sing “papa kehte hain bada naan karega”. Way to go Ajit is all we can say.