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How to access songs.pk in India??

As in previous post we got a shocking news that songs.pk is banned (click here to know more) in India. But as only domain http://www.songs.pk is banned and not the ip, thesite can be accessed very easily by the following ways:

1. Open http://www.songspk.pk to simply get your site.

2.Paste the to your address browser and hit enter.

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Automatic Metering Using 3G Technology

Automatic Metering Using 3GAutomatic Metering Using 3G-a new booming topic to the upcoming technology i.e. 3G.The things which has enhanced its properties over simple metering are:

1.Use of 3g.

2.Wireless connectivity with high security.

3.Automatic,so as to reduce human headache and error cases.


Below is the further description of each and every part with their figures:

automatic metering by 3g

Theses are the gas ,water and electric meters but specially equipped with 3g systems so as they can convert and then Emmit the units covered into the collectible data packets.


automatic metering by 3gThese are the 3g boosters which will collect all the emitted data packets from meters and also boost its quality as suggested by its name then the collected data will be transferred to the repeaters.






automatic metering by 3gRepeaters are simply the large boosters.All the data packets from various boosters are collected by the repeaters and is sent for data management after its decoding.






automatic metering by 3gFinally data is managed through advanced scheme by graphs and charts for decoding the data packets into the units again and then bills are formed to be posted to consumers.






That”s all about automatic metering by 3g,please give your comments over it and feel free to ask any query in any case.

If you need a presentation over it , please write me,i will surely try to post it here.