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Making an alias command permanent in unix/linux

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In order to make a alias shortcut permanent you need to make that entry into the .profile file of your home directory.

to find out the file go to your home directory and type
$ ls -latr

This command will show all hidden files (.profile is also a hidden file)finding .profile file

Then edit the file using vi editor i.e.
$ vi .profile

vi entry
Make the desired entries and save the file , same can be seen in below screenshots.

Then just restart your system , to let the .profile execute and make your shortcuts permanent 🙂 🙂

It can be quite interesting to work in linux through alias command , you can create some crazy names for big commands or just shorten some big paths to some memorable words.

Just use the alias command to do that:

SYNTAX:  $ alias myfolder=”cd /home/deepak/abcd/dd/erfd”

and now when you gonna type myfolder you will reach to the cd /home/deepak/abcd/dd/erfd path.

CONS: It reamins active till that session and so are temporary.

PROS: can be made permamnent for a unix /linux machine if the same whole command is added to the .profile file of a user and then a restart to execute that file and make our alias works forever 🙂


alias creation in unix

Looking for a way to find out a file in a unix/linux box , you just need the exact file name with proper case and that’s it .

Use below command and enoy!!

Find . -name “name_of_file.doc”

here . represents the loaction from where it will search , if not at all sure you can use from / too i.e.

Find / -name “name_of_file.doc”