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Port numbers and their ranges

The port numbers are basically divided into three ranges: the Well Known Ports,the Registered Ports, and the Dynamic
or Private Ports.

From 0 to 1023 are the well known ports.

From 1024 to 49151 are the registered ports.

from 49152 to 65535 are the dynamic or private ports.


1.Open run and type regedit,press enter.

2.Goto the specified location

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services >

3. Now you will find all your services that is enabled ,disabled ,stopped and running…here you can simply delete or alter them.


Remote access to other computer

Some times we need and sometimes just for a trick we can enter into another users pc very easily.The thing that we need is that he/she should be connected to a same lan network on which you too are connected and you know his ip.

Well i mainly use it when all of my friends are playing games like counter strikes through lan,i just slowly come out of game and enter to their system and shock them afterwards while placing a notepad file on the desktop with my comments on it…:)

Well so the process is:


1.Open command window.

2.Type the following at the Dos Prompt
Nbtstat –A IP address

3.Now what we want is some thing a hex no like

4.You can proceed only if you see this <20> ,else you cant.
5.Now look to the accessible files by writing
Net view \\<insert ip_address here>

6.Now enter to the system
Net use x: \\<insert IP address here>\temp

*temp is the accessible file i am using as an example*

7.Now just access it as you want to.

NOTE: This trick is feasible only on windows xp.

Operating system in an operating system

Well with the gaining popularity of windows 7 and the upsurging higher versions of operating systems ,the OS with low versions such as Windows XP and Windows Vista are loosing their existance may be that is due to they lack in certain features or they are not standing firmly in the security norms.

But the problem we face in windows 7  is its unsupportability towards some programs which are specially designed to work in lower versions of operating systems ,may that can be a simple game , a compiler or a designing software.

But there is  a solution to that ,there are many such softwares in the market which provide the previlage to install an operating system into an another system that may be lower into an higher or vise versa, and that too without formatting the previous one.It is not like that first you have to remove the first one,nor am talking about the dual booting process,but here the case is that first you starts your operating system ,starts your software and the run another operating system into that software.

The some of the softwares which are really trustable and i have personally used them are VMWARE WORKSTATION and the VIRTUAL BOX.They creates a virtual machine into your computer,or in other words a computer into a computer with the required configurations and thus provide an platform to run your all softwares and programs.

Please give your comments over the topic and also write us for any problem you face in that.Enjoy…