The slang and world of slang


SLANG – Let me just clarrify here that am not talking about any “Slangen” snake here , it’s whole about the latest language in market <i mean to say internet> , and the most catchy amoung the online geeks.

Well just for the sake of some information in the post and to make the post lengthy :P, let me just give you a dictionary meaning of slang <it’s for those who were in a plan to make a white paper on it> so, here we go:

“Slang is a type of language consisting of words and phrases that are regarded as very informal, are more common in speech than writing, and are typically restricted to a particular context or group of people”

DISCLAIMER: Now i will be using SLANG in my below article and gonna pen down some thing very informal , well truly I DBA (don’t bother asking) if you really getting me or not. <oops!! i have used my first slang…Scary effect!!!>

INCYDK (In case you don’t know) slang is most inovative and Creative language ever created. SNH (Sarcasm noted here) . It’s most of the usage is confined to IM groups , SMS, wats app, facebook and so on to ABL (A big list).

How exciting it is that you can even find a slang dictionay on internet… <and a girl’s reaction : OMG!! :O my fb status will rock now :P> , it’s like the one who knows more word of slang, knows much about internet.And sometimes i even imagine when the work “ok” changed to “k” , kill to “K33l” , kind of to “kinda”, and so on…

How showking the day was for me when my girlfriend just said me “K3U” (I ❤ U ) (I Love you) and was waiting for my response and i was like KAY (okay).

Even new smiley’s are also emerging at a speed of emerging companies in bangalore , SNH , some of them are noted below:

· 😡 Angry
· >:) Evil Grin
· >:D Scheming Maniacal
· >:D< Hug
· >:O Angry
· >O< Yelling
· >_> Looking left, shifty look
· >_< Frustrated
· &HEARTS; HTML code for a heart
· <# Misspelling of ❤
· <> Not equal No comment
· <>< Fish
· <.< Shifty look

I was wonderinng if there will be a time when there will be a subject on slang and it will be accepted as a informal language around the world.

k let’s wait for the day and enjoy till then…. keep reading !!!! 🙂 🙂